The more we do it,
the more we enjoy it

Cultivated glassmaker sands

We like to brag about our history

Behind the Betoni brand are people who have fallen under the spell of concrete. We like its strength, stability, and wide range of applications.

We admire its raw beauty. We don’t want to hide the appearance of concrete, but highlight it. We produce tasteful and precise concrete paving for exteriors.

We look for new directions. We have created large-volume, yet subtle flower pots for you in cooperation with the Vacek Design Studio. With new production processes, we influence the appearance of concrete and its colour. In short, for us, concrete is not just a basic building material, but a way of expressing our opinions.

We also focus on large-format tiles and smaller tiles. Thanks to modern technology, our tiles are dimensionally accurate, dimensionally stable, durable and long-lasting.

made in Vysočina (design MgA. Tomáš Vacek)
custom accessories (development by Atelier Partero)
fibre reinforced and lightweight
minimum production waste, respect for raw materials
handmade, each piece is an original
suitable for exterior use
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