Betoni - concrete flowerpotOrganic XL grey

Concrete flower pot Organic XL

Width 100 cm
Depth 40 cm
Height 73 cm
Volume 147 l
736(608 excluding VAT)
736(608 excluding VAT)
736(608 excluding VAT)
736(608 excluding VAT)
736(608 excluding VAT)


The Organic XL concrete flower pot makes an impression of a an abstrakt art object complemented with greenery. Its unique shape enhaces your garden to a work of art. It will attract interest to itself in the interior, too, where it tastefully enlivens large spaces of restaurants, coffees or open-space offices. When you use it as an outdoor concrete flower pot, fill it with shorter decorative trees or ground creeping bushes. A combination of perennials, herbs and decorative grasses is suitable, too. What are its dimensions? The Organic XL concrete flower pot has a width of 1 m, a depth of 40 cm, a height of 73 cm and a volume of 147 litres.

Accessories for the Organic XL flower pot.


Documentation for architects and designers can be downloaded here.

You can download the complete catalogue of flower pots and Betoni products here.


Delivery within 7-21 days

Shipping price:
small package €12-14
small pallet €50-70
large pallet 100-140
table: The price will be determined individually.

The price of shipping depends on the country where the goods will be delivered.

How to plant Organic XL pots

Color variants

made in Vysočina (design MgA. Tomáš Vacek)
custom accessories (development by Atelier Partero)
fibre reinforced and lightweight
minimum production waste, respect for raw materials
handmade, each piece is an original
suitable for exterior use
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