Betoni - concrete planter Classic S grey

Concrete flower pot Classic S

Diameter 410 mm
Height 350 mm
Volume 25 l
171(141 excluding VAT)
171(141 excluding VAT)
171(141 excluding VAT)
171(141 excluding VAT)
171(141 excluding VAT)


The concrete flower pot Classic S is frost-proof, you can use it in the garden, on the terrace or at the entrance door of your home all year long. It is a welcoming type, it will make your returns to your home a pleasure. Ideal for evergreens, grasses and herbs. Also colourful balcony flowers as geranium, petunia, lobelia or begonia will perfectly fit with its design. If you decide to use your concrete flower pot of the Classic S series in the interior, plant small and medium size indoor plants in it.
The Classic S concrete flower pot has a diameter of 41 cm, a height of 35 cm and a volume of 25 litres.

For flower pots, we offer a set of accessories for planting plants (thermal insulation + filter geotextile + nop film).


Documentation for architects and designers can be downloaded here.

You can download the complete catalogue of flower pots and Betoni products here.


Czech Republic within 7 days
Slovakia within 10 days
Other countries: 7-14 days

Shipping price:
small package €12-14
small pallet €50-70
large pallet 100-140
table: The price will be determined individually.

The price of shipping depends on the country where the goods will be delivered.

How to plant Classic S pots

Color variants

made in Vysočina (design MgA. Tomáš Vacek)
custom accessories (development by Atelier Partero)
fibre reinforced and lightweight
minimum production waste, respect for raw materials
handmade, each piece is an original
suitable for exterior use
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